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Goodnature A24 Rat Trap Service

Goodnature A24 Rat Traps are the ultimate poison free rodent eliminator.  Each trap will eliminate up to 24 rats between service visits.  Free from poisons, rats experience an instant death with this trap.  They have no idea what hit them, unlike some traps which catch them and then let them die a slow death.  No risk of poisoning birds or wild animals either.  Because these traps are poison free, there is no issue with cats, racoons, hawks or other wildlife enjoying a rat snack after the Goodnature A24 rat trap does it’s thing.  Primary and secondary toxicity are issues that need to be managed when dealing with rodenticides.

Worry free A24 Rat Trap Service

GreenLight Inspections and Pest Control can install and manage the Goodnature A24 rat trap for you.  No large up-front investment from you, no figuring out where to best place the traps for maximum effectiveness, no dealing with dead rats, and no poisons.  Great for schools, restaurants, shopping malls, warehouses, apartments, condos, and homes.  Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to talk to you about getting your rat problem under control

More affordable than DIY

Affordable professional pest control.  If you wanted to buy the traps and install them yourself you could.  However,  a professionally outfitted trap runs around $320.  You still need to know where to put it, which bait to use, and then you have to maintain it or it won’t keep working. 

The cost of the rat control service is the cost of service visits (labor) plus a low monthly trap lease (equipment) that includes all consumables such as CO2 cartridges, bait, etc.  It can be as low as $64/mo for 1 trap on quarterly service visits.  That’s a great solution for a limited scope problem like a condo where rats are visiting your balcony and you don’t want them hanging around.  Larger properties and more intense infestations may require more traps.  We’ll work with you to find a rat control solution that fits your budget and needs.

Professional Results - Guaranteed

One of the advantages to working with us is that we can bring in more traps initially with more service visits to get the problem under control.  We can then reduce the number of traps and service visits to keep costs and rats under control.  

If at any time you aren’t happy you can end your service with us.  If you need extra service visits we’re happy to come out and help.  Each service visit has a $88 trip charge which includes the first 30 minutes of on-site labor. 

Authorized Installer, Licensed Pest Control Company

We are a Goodnature Authorized Installer.  The only one in Texas.  We believe in offering best-in-class solutions to our clients.  The A24 rat trap is the best in class non-toxic rat trap that eliminates rats. We are also a licensed, insured pest control company.   We regularly take classes on rodent control, biology, and behavior.

Goodnature A24 Rat Trap
One less rat bothering a customer