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Thorough Friendly Houston Home Inspections

As an FAA Part 107 Certificated UAS operator I can operate one of my drone aircraft to inspect your home, building, or property. Yes, the FAA part is a mouthful, but the FAA doesn’t issue licenses, they only certify airmen.

I have the ability to do visual inspections of siding, windows, and roofing. Steep roofs, high roofs, or flat roofs are all do-able. The primary methods are visual photos, mapping type photos (like Google Maps in Satellite view, but much closer), videos and thermography photos / videos. Thermography is taking pictures of heat. This is sometimes called IR or Infrared. This can help with locating suspicious areas on a flat roof, a wall, or determining where missing insulation is at.

I have experience working with the FAA to obtain approval to fly in most locations. So if you have been told by someone else you are in a “no-fly” zone, reach out to me and I’ll see if I can help. I’ve performed building inspections at Bush Intercontinental Airport 300 feet South of a runway. Chances are your inspection isn’t in a more restricted airspace.

If your aerial imaging needs are in conjunction with an inspection then it will be handled by Greenlight Inspections. If you just need the photos then it will be handled by my other company, NanoHawk.