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CE Course Completion Roster

Obtaining CE Credit is easy:
1. Download and fill out the course completion roster.

2. Complete the following items on the form:

– Course number
– Course day and month (year is already filled in)
– Your name (last, first)
– Signature
– Your license number 

3. Scan the form and email to

     – Do not send multiple forms together.  Each CCR needs to be in it’s own file, preferably as a PDF.

4. Forms are usually processed within 1 day.  Please check your license education on the TREC website as opposed to an MLS education tracker which may not be as up to date.

Course Completion Roster

If you do not have your TREC License number you can look it up on the TREC Website.
Please look up your license number before you fill out the form.

Frequent Questions and Answers:
1. I don’t have a scanner, what should I do?  You can take a document quality picture and email it instead.  Make sure the image is high enough quality to be read and directly looking at the paper, not at an angle.

2. Can I use Docusign or e-sign the PDF?  Yes, that’s fine.

3. How long do I have to send it to you?  If I don’t have it within 7 days of the course it may not get processed before TREC’s deadline.  Sooner is better in case corrections are needed.
4. What happens if there is a mistake on the form?  I’ll send it back and you’ll need to correct it before it meets TREC’s requirements.

5. Can more than one person be on the form?  yes that is fine if you took the class together.