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Engineer Certification for Manufactured Homes

Engineer Certification For Manufactured Homes

We partner with a Texas licensed Professional Engineer to provide Engineer Certification for Manufactured Homes.  This certification ensures that home foundations are in compliance with HUD/FHA, VA, and Conventional Lending requirements and other national standards.

Reports are typically delivered within 24 hours of the field inspection.  GreenLight Inspections and Pest Control performs the field inspection and then the Texas licensed Professional Engineer issues the Engineer’s Foundation Certification. These are sometimes called HUD Foundation Certifications as well.

We provide these inspections for mortgage lenders, loan officers, Realtors®, insurance agents, and homeowners. 

We provide the following inspection types:

  • Permanent Foundation Certification
  • 1st Permanent Location
  • Addition Certification (decks, carports, porches, rooms, etc)

Engineer Certification for Manufactured Homes Requirements

For the permanent foundation certification and 1st permanent location we will need access to the area under the manufactured home or mobile home.  It is preferred that the seller create this access, but in the case of vinyl skirting on a new home we may be able to slide a piece out.  On older homes the risk of damage is too great and the seller needs to create access for inspection.

We also need access to the interior of the home during the inspection.  It’s okay if it’s occupied.  We need to inspect and photograph any manufacturer data tag/plate as well as areas adjacent to any additions.

1St Permanent Location
Addition Certification (Decks, Carports, Porches, Rooms, Etc)

Engineer Certification for Manufactured Homes Additions

Additions certifications should be done concurrently.  Please check with your lender or underwriter to find out if one is needed prior to the inspection.  Additions must be self-supporting and cannot rely on the manufactured home for support.  This includes carports, re-roofs, room additions, decks, etc.  Manufactured homes are engineered to support themselves and nothing else.  

Verified Mfd Home Engineering Certification