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Four Point Inspection for Insurance Company

Four Point Inspection requirements are not required by all insurance companies in Texas.  However, it is a limited scope home inspection for your insurance carrier to help them insure your home.  It’s important that it be done right the first time, by someone who is fluent in insurance.  


I am licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) as both a Residential Property Inspector and an All-Lines Independent Adjuster.  In addition, I am a building code certified Residential Combination Inspector.  There are less than 50 of those in Houston.  I’m also licensed as a TREC Professional Real Estate Inspector.  


What Is A Four Point Inspection

This is a specific four system inspection that some insurance carriers require in order to issue a policy. It usually involves inspecting the roof, plumbing, electrical and HVAC. The idea behind this is that the insurance company wants to make sure that these items are in good condition and rule out certain factors. It’s more affordable to have a licensed, Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector such as myself, come out and inspect all four systems at once. 


The alternative is making four separate appointments, for four separate inspections with a roofer, AC company, electrician, and plumber.  Your insurance agent or insurance company will send you a inspection form that I will complete, sign and return to either you, your agent, or your insurance carrier.  Each insurance company handles their four point inspection slightly different.

Where Can I Learn More About A Four Point Inspection?

A Florida TV Station ran a segment that is worth watching or reading.  Homes in Florida over 10 years old are now required to have a four point inspection according to the segment.  Texas won’t be far behind as our insurance prices are some of the highest in the country.