Four Point Insurance Inspections

With my background as a Licensed Texas All-Lines Independent Insurance Adjuster (TDI#2301444 and NFIP FCN#11856383) I am fluent in Insurance lingo and can fill out the form properly the first time. I look forward to helping you with this type of inspection.

You may not have heard of this one, but they are becoming more common in Texas. This is a specific four system inspection that some insurance carriers require in order to issue a policy. It usually involves inspecting the roof, plumbing, electrical and HVAC. The idea behind this is that the insurance company wants to make sure that these items are in good condition. It’s more affordable to have a licensed, Texas Professional Real Estate Inspector such as myself, come out and inspect all four systems at once. The alternative is making four separate appointments, for four separate inspections with a roofer, AC company, electrician, and plumber.

As with other types of inspections that I do, you’ll get a written report of my findings. I’ll also go over the findings with you at the end of the inspection and answer any questions you may have. Your insurance agent or carrier may have a specific form that I need to fill out as well. That’s included in the process.