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Home Inspection Articles

These Home Inspection Articles were written by me, the home inspector to help you the client or Realtor® with subjects that I frequently get asked questions about, or think are helpful to buyers and sellers of real estate.  These home inspection articles are not intended to create a client – inspector relationship and are not a substitute for the services of a professional home inspector evaluating a property that you are buying or selling.

Home Inspector On Roof
The roof is a critical part of a houston home inspection.
Home Inspector At Work
Pool & spa inspection

A home inspection report contains a wealth of information.   Your home inspector should take time to review the top concerns and be available to answer any questions you have later.  I always recommend that clients make three lists and go over the findings with their agent.  Click the button to read more about these three lists.

Crawlspace Inspection Cost - Clean Crawlspace
Crawlspaces rarely look this nice.

Curious about why a crawlspace adds to the cost of a home inspection?  Read this article to find out the answer.  

Inspecting An Older House Cost
This water heater has numerous deficiencies.

A home inspection on an older home typically costs more.  This article sheds some light on why that is.  A “fast” home inspection is not necessarily a “good” home inspection.  That’s doubly true when it comes to older homes. 

New Home Inspection - Missing Dryer Vent
New home inspection found a missing dryer vent. $450k home from a top quality builder.

Buying a New Home?  You still need an inspection.  80% of buyers think the builder’s quality control and the City building inspector catch everything.  I promise they don’t.  

Greenlight Inspections Trec 24271 - Houston Home Inspections
Greenlight inspections trec 24271 - houston home inspections

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