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Home Inspection Cost Calculator

Use my Home Inspection Cost Calculator.  A home inspection is an important step in buying or selling property. While there can be surprises with some home inspection reports, the price of the home inspection shouldn’t be one of them.   We offer a competitively priced home inspection.  We strongly encourage clients to choose a home inspector based on results and style. 

After You Use The Home Inspection Cost Calculator,
Why Should You Hire Me?

  • Thorough, Friendly Inspections.  We find more than most other inspectors, we are there longer and we go more places.  You’d be surprised how many home inspectors don’t get on the roof.
  • 20+ Years of Commercial and Residential Build, Design, and Remodel Construction Experience.
  • Code Certified Residential Combination Inspector.  Less than 5% of licensed home inspectors are code certified.  Less than 50 Inspectors hold this top certification in Houston.
  • We don’t sell or share your information. We only work for you.  Be sure to ask about this.  Some inspectors sell client contact information to brokers for as little as $4.  Others share it when they “give” you a “home warranty.”  
  • Simple up-front pricing based on your needs and concerns.  
  • Friendly people who answer the phone and return calls promptly
Home Inspection Cost Calculator - Friendly 5 Star Inspector
Home Inspection Cost Calculator - Friendly 5 Star Inspector