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Home Inspection Price Houston Texas

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Home Inspection Cost Houston Texas
Home inspection cost houston texas

Home Inspection Price Houston Texas Standard Inspection

Standard Inspection$350Includes the first 2,000 s/f of the home.
Phase Inspection Pre-Pour$351Includes the first 2,000 s/f of the home. Also includes Foundation Form Survey with Smart Level.
Phase Inspection Pre-Drywall$352Includes the first 2,000 s/f of the home.
Manufactured Home Foundation Certification$425Engineer’s inspection report delivered the next day.
Additional Square Footage$40 per 250 s/f for 2,000 to 3,000 s/f homes
$80 per 500 s/f for 3,000+ s/f homes
Based on building square footage
Additional Unit$150/eaThis typically applies to garage apartments or separate buildings.
Limited Inspection$186/eaContact office for details. Each inspection is different. This is typically the inspection of one system, or only one of the additional services below such as Termite, Sewer Camera, Etc.
Re-Inspection$186/eaCovers the first 10 items. Additional items $15/ea. Contact office for details.
HUD 90251 CIR$500This is a special inspection for FHA/HUD lenders. The inspection and any subsequent re-inspections are priced at $500 per visit. The deliverable is a HUD 90251 CIR completed by a ICC Residential Combination Inspector. This is a type of code compliance inspection.
Foundation StyleFeeNotes
Slab on GradeIncludedThe most common type of foundation in the Houston region.
Pier and Beam
Block and Beam
$150These take more time to inspect because more of the home is accessible.
Home AgeFeeNotes
10 years or lessIncludedNo additional cost for homes less than 10 years old.
10 to 25 years old$25Older homes take longer to inspect and typically have more modifications.
25 to 50 years old$75
50 to 75 years old$150
75 or more years old$200

Home Inspection Price Houston Texas Add On Inspections and Services

Additional Inspections / ServicesFeeNotes
Termite Inspection
$100+ sales taxTermites and other Wood Destroying Insects can literally eat your home from the inside out. Inspecting for them can help avoid creepy surprises later.
Septic Tank Inspection$175 /with inspection
$275 / stand alone
Inspect and evaluate accessible septic system and it’s components.
Sewer Camera Inspection$150The sewer pipes under a home and in the yard are a critical part of the home. This inspection runs a camera through them to identify hidden and costly damage such as tree roots, blockages, collapsed pipes, and deteriorated or cracked pipes.
Pool and Spa Inspection$125We inspect the pool / spa systems to identify deteriorated or damaged equipment and conditions that are a safety hazard.
Floorplan$60 / with inspection
Get a floorplan with 95% accurate measurements. Great for listing or buying.
Manufactured Home Foundation Certification$425 – Includes First Permanent Location, Foundation, and Addition certifications.In conjunction with a Texas licensed engineer this service provides the Foundation Certification that is often required by lenders for manufactured homes.

Home Inspection Price Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will I get my report?  The same day.
2. Why should I hire you?  We are very good at what we do.  Highly qualified and thorough inspections help you understand the condition of the house.
3. Why do I need an inspection report? An unbiased report identifying items that need repair or replacement can help you identify hidden costs and can be used by you and your Realtor® as part of the negotiating process.  
4. Why do you charge for _______? This is a consulting activity and the cost is related to the time required to inspect and write the report.  Each item on the price list correlates to the time required for the inspection.  

5. Do you sell or share my information? No! We charge enough to not need the revenue from selling your contact information or offering you “services” that will try to sell you insuranace, moving, warranties, security systems, etc.  We strongly recommend that you ask any inspector about this.  Some inspectors will sell your information for as little as $4.

6.  Why do you do your add-on inspections in-house?  We believe that inspectors and their reports should be unbiased and only represent the interests of the client that hired us.  An inspector should not be in a position to make money from their recommendations.  We don’t offer repair, pest-control, pool-maintenance, HVAC or other ancillary services under our company or a sister company.    Those would be a conflict of interest.