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HUD-90251 CIR Compliance Inspection Report Inspections

HUD-90251 CIR (Compliance Inspection Report) is a form that is required for FHA home loans on new construction homes when a certificate of occupancy or final inspection is not available.  Many Texas cities do not issue a certificate of occupancy and most rural counties do not provide permitting or code enforcement.  As a licensed and insured home inspector who is also a code certified Residential Combination Inspector I am happy to help lenders, mortgage brokers and home buyers by providing this additional inspection report.

Scheduling a HUD-90251 CIR

The HUD-90251 CIR (compliance inspection report) is an additional inspection report that is added to a home inspection or re-inspection.  The fee for this report is due each time it has to be generated.  The most common reason for a re-inspection and another HUD-90251 CIR is because there are deficiencies that the builder needs to correct.  

Your lender should tell you that this is a required form and it is not recommended to order it without talking to your lender.