A home inspection is an important step in buying or selling property. While there can be surprises with some inspection reports, the price of the inspection shouldn’t be one of them.

The estimate process is simple and straight-forward:
1 – Enter the home information where you need an inspection
2 – Enter your email and name.
3 – The system will immediately email the estimate to you with the details so you can see it and hang on to it. Due to the limitations of forms on WordPress (this website software) the calculation can’t be done live, so it has to be emailed. We will absolutely not spam or sell or share your information.
4 – Someone from our office will verify the details of the property are correct in MLS or Zillow and then reach out to you to make sure any questions you have are answered and correct the estimate if the details were different.

Inspection prices start at $250 and can increase depending on the size of the home, type of foundation, and age of the home. Be sure to check out the Inspection Resources section for articles that may be of interest.

Home Inspection Pricing Tool

Use this tool to find out what a home inspection would cost.
1 Property Information
2 Your Information
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 2000.
    This fee covers the first 2,000 s/f of the home. Additional square footage should be entered below.
  • Please enter a number from 0 to 7000.
    If your home is over 2,000 s/f please enter the additional square footage here. Ex: for a 2,300 s/f home you would enter 300 s/f here.
  • Older homes take longer to inspect and write reports for.
  • Concrete foundation built directly on the ground is the most common in the Houston region. If the crawlspace is 24" or more from the lowest part of the home to the ground it is considered accessible. If it's less than that it may not be safe to enter. In either event, getting a look at things in a low crawlspace takes more time and factors in to the inspection price.
    Termites, Carpenter Ants, and other insects can damage the structure of a building. In conjunction with the property inspection I can inspect for the presence of wood destroying insects. TDA 0842619
    Sewer Cameras are an important tool in finding hidden, costly problems with the sewer on a home. We use our color camera to look inside the sewer drain pipe during an inspection and look for cracked pipes, crushed pipes, tree roots, and other issues.
    Using a state of the art computerized level we can measure the foundation of your home to determine how level it is in reference to other parts of the foundation. This is useful for documenting the condition of the foundation. It can be compared at some point in the future to assess if the foundation has shifted. Great for new homes and pier and beam homes. It is extremely common for homes to be built 1 to 2 inches out of level.