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A home sale or purchase is one of the largest transactions your family will make.  It’s natural to be concerned, to have worries, and to have questions.  I offer a variety of inspection types to address each client’s unique needs.  Below is a list of the most popular.

Buyer Inspections are a great way to learn about the condition of a property you are considering. Learn about the property before you own, not after closing.

Pre-Listing or Seller Inspections can help you avoid unpleasant and costly surprises once you are under contract. Find out now, not later.

Four Points Inspections are sometimes required by insurance companies to make sure the roof, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC are in good condition.

Limited Inspections are a great option whether you just need a second unbiased opinion, or are only concerned with one aspect of a property.

Thermal imaging is an important part of my inspection process. Click the link to learn more about the benefits.

Formosan Termites

Wood Destroying Insect inspections are an important part of home inspections. This is an additional service that I offer.

Add-On Inspection or Stand-Alone: We can use a sewer scope/camera to inspect and locate the main drain line or other pipes on the property for defects, blockages, and intrusions.

Add-On Inspection: We can document the relative elevation of the foundation using a state of the art computerized level.

Add-On Inspection: Homes that have a pool, spa, hot tub, waterfall, pond or other water features should have those amenities inspected. We offer this as an optional inspection add-on.

Homeowners sometimes need a Texas Department of Insurance Certificate of Insurability to get insurance on older homes. This is a separate type of inspection that I offer for those homeowners.