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Limited Home Inspection

A Limited Home Inspection is good because sometimes you do not need the whole home inspected. I’m happy to inspect one or more systems for you and give you an unbiased, honest opinion – in writing.

It’s the same detailed and thorough home inspection, it’s just limited to one or more systems that you need inspected. That’s why we call it a limited home inspection.

What Gets Inspected As Part of a Limited Home Inspection?

Whether it’s your roof, HVAC, Windows, or siding I’m happy to inspect it and let you know if it’s performing or if there are deficiencies that need a more detailed look. It’s important to point out that you may still need a specialist with an HVACR, Electrical, or Plumbing license to help you if my inspection finds deficiencies. 

Can You Tell Me Who Should Repair Something You Find On A Limited Home Inspection?

Under Texas law I’m not allowed to tell you who to use or how to fix items that require a occupational license such as Electrical, Plumbing, HVACR, or an Engineering License. I can however, tell you if those items are performing or not according to the Texas Real Estate Commission Standards of Practice.