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New Construction Phase Inspection

With a new construction phase inspection I help you and your builder to build a better house.  There are approximately 1400 licensed home inspectors in Houston.  I am one of approximately 25 Residential Combination Inspectors (RCI) in Houston who are also TREC Licensed Inspectors.  There are only 50 RCI’s in the Houston region to begin with.  The other 25 are typically directors who work for cities or builders. This means I am certified in building code for Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing.   On phase inspections I provide code references to help the builder and their contractors to better understand my recommendations.  I can also provide MEPB sign-off on county permits as part of these inspections.  Typically MEP and B inspections are timed a little differently.  Please contact me to discuss if you are an owner-builder or building in the county and need a 3rd party code inspector.

Many homes are not subject to City or County inspections.   When they are, that inspector is often buried with work and has 5 to 10 minutes to spend on her or his inspection.  They are looking for big, glaring safety issues.  Every quality builder hires a 3rd party inspector.  This inspector is given a list of things the builder wants looked at and typically has 30 to 45 minutes to spend inspecting.  Much of their focus is on making sure that if the builder paid for siding, the siding was installed. These inspectors catch big things and are an important part of the process.

My role is to come in as an unbiased 3rd party and go through the house from top to bottom.  I identify items that are wrong and areas where improvements can be made. This often saves the builder money on warranty issues and saves you hassle down the road.  It helps the builder to build the best possible house, which every quality builder wants to do.

Icc R5 Residential Combination Inspector

What type of new construction phase inspection?


Pre-Pour Foundation Inspection

Before the concrete is placed or poured it’s important to check that the reinforcement, forms, and plumbing is installed correctly.  Mistakes made at this stage are often very expensive to correct.


New Construction Phase Inspection

Before the sheetrock, insulation and exterior finishes are installed there is an opportunity to check wiring, plumbing, framing, and electrical.  This inspection represents the most opportunity to catch mistakes that can be frustrating to live with or fix later when the house is finished.


Final Inspection

This is a regular TREC Home Inspection, but still an important opportunity to test all of the homes systems and identify items that can be improved.