Pre-Listing or Seller Inspections

The same inspection I would for a buyer. However, it’s done for you, the seller.  This gives you a concise list of items to discuss with your agent and decide what should be repaired versus what should be disclosed on the seller’s disclosure.

Every house has maintenance items and some have more serious needs that can involve safety. Would you like to know about these before you put your home on the market? Or when you are negotiating the sale of your home? While I can’t recommend who should make repairs, I can tell you that you have fewer options about who does the repairs when the property is under contract.   Many items can be repaired by a competent handyman at any time.  Once a home is under contract the buyer will generally want to see repairs done by a licensed electrician, plumber, HVAC company, etc that could otherwise have been done by a handyman.

I will inspect your home thoroughly and provide you with a detailed written report of my findings. I deliver reports the same day I do the inspection. At the end of the inspection I will go through a summary of the findings with you and answer any questions you may have about them.