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Sewer Camera Inspection

Sewer Camera Inspections Help Find Plugged Pipes
This is an example of a plugged pipe from corrosion and years of low water flow

Can Inspectors do Sewer Camera Inspections?  Yes from the Texas Attorney General.

We recommend that all homes have a sewer scope inspection.  The older the home, the more likely there are to be issues with the sewer pipe that runs from the home to the street.  These repairs can be an unpleasant and expensive surprise.  Discovering them prior to closing or listing can provide an opportunity to address them.  Tree roots, collapsed pipes, cracked pipes, and foundation movement can all impact the plumbing system.

A sewer scope inspection uses a sewer camera to enter the main drain of the home and inspect from that point to the main sewer.  There are instances such as blockages, deteriorated pipes, and partial collapses that may limit our ability to go beyond them to the city sewer.  In those cases we will stop and let you know what we have found.  We will also check for additional access points on the property beyond the issue.  This is done to prevent the camera from becoming stuck in the sewer.

As part of the service we will provide you with photos, video of the inspection, and the location in feet from the entry point of any issues discovered.  For example we might tell you that there are tree roots in the pipe 40 feet from the main cleanout headed towards the street.  This is often enough for you to shop for a plumber or drain cleaner who can remedy the issue.


Additional services that we can provide:  (call to discuss)

  • Locate the discovered defect precisely from the surface using radio location technology.  Useful for determining if the repair will involve concrete work or tunneling. (Additional cost)
  • Inspection of pool, spa, HVAC, or other piping (additional cost, and access must be provided to the pipe)
  • Inspection of interior or under-slab plumbing

Limitations and Restrictions for Sewer Camera Inspection

  • This inspection can be done separately from a home inspection.  Scheduling is through the office.
  • We are able to perform inspections through openings in the pipes such as cleanouts, vent stacks, or removed fixtures.
  • We are unable to install or remove fixtures, cut pipes, or perform other tasks that are typically the responsibility of a licensed, qualified plumber.  A handyman, plumber, or homeowner can sometimes create these access points and close them up when we are done.
  • We can typically proceed through approximately four 90 degree bends.  However conditions such as deteriorated pipes, roots, blockages, and debris in the line may limit or restrict the ability to proceed or remove the camera.  The last thing we want to do is get the camera stuck in the line.
  • If you have any concerns we’d be happy to discuss them prior.