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Termite Inspection

Wood Destroying Insects Inspections, sometimes called a Termite Inspection include Termites, Carpenter ants, and beetles. Over time they can do extensive and expensive damage to homes and other structures. This is an add-on inspection that can be done with a home inspection.  A WDI inspection can help identify the presence of these insects as well as conditions that are conducive to them. A WDI Inspection is a visual survey of the home and it’s immediate surroundings for the presence of wood destroying insects or conditions favorable to their presence. I will do my best to look in the places that are most favorable for these unwelcome guests and let you know what I find.  

What insects are part of a wood destroying insect inspection?

Texas has two main types of termites that infest and damage homes, subterranean and drywood. Subterranean termites mostly live under ground and come into the home to eat wood. The exception to this is the aggressive and invasive Formosan Termites which can have hundreds of thousands of insects in a colony and actually live in the home while rapidly destroying it. Drywood termites on the other hand are much smaller colonies and frequently live in furniture or parts of the home. I will look for both types when I inspect the home.

Other types of wood destroying insects include beetles, carpenter bees, and carpenter ants.  All of these damage the wood and can lead to structural damage to your home or building.  It’s important to to inspect for and treat termites and other wood destroying insects to prevent expensive damage.

WDI Inspections are provided by Big City Pest and Wildlife, TPCL 893710