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Thermal Inspections

Thermal Inspections
Electrical Panel Thermal Image

Thermal Inspections, or thermography, is commonly called Infrared Photography.  I don’t charge extra for using this tool.  It is part of most of my home inspections. I’m also a Certified Residential Thermographer.  This means I’ve taken time to be trained on how to properly use thermal imaging and interpret the results.  It’s a great tool for seeing where heat is, or is not.  I like to use it on electrical, plumbing, insulation and HVAC systems as it can help me see leaks or issues that might not otherwise be visible.  It is not X-Ray vision though and it’s very important that the conditions be right when using it.
Here are some of the uses:

– Finding Air Leaks in ductwork and HVAC systems
– Identifying areas of insulation that are not performing as expected due to wet, missing, or insufficient insulation.
– Finding water leaks in walls, showers, pipes, and roofs.
– Visually checking that pipes are draining properly.
– Identifying areas of moisture penetration in flat and sloped roofing.