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One of the other services that I offer in conjunction with your inspection is a digital twin of the building being inspected. A digital twin is also sometimes called a 3D Model or Virtual Reality Tour. This is a model of the building whether it’s a 800 square foot condo or a 27,500 s/f commercial space, or a 4,800 s/f three story home.

This can be a great tool for letting valued family members, friends, and trusted advisors see your property. When the time capsule is created in conjunction with an inspection I will add major deficiencies to the model. We can also extract a floor plan from the model.

It’s possible to pull measurements from the model on-demand. While these measurements should be verified on-site they are excellent for general planning purposes such as determining if a rug or couch is going to fit as expected.

If you are planning to do remodeling a digital twin can give your contractors and architect a jump start on the process.

Lastly, if you just need the digital twin without the inspection it will be performed by my other company, NanoHawk.