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TREC Continuing Education

GreenLight Inspections is a licensed TREC Continuing Education Provider, #10536.  Relevant content and a quality class experience are the goals we bring to every class for agents, brokers, or inspectors.

Why Continuing Education?

The Texas Real Estate Commission, TREC, requires that license holders complete both required (non-elective) and elective courses each renewal cycle to be eligible for renewal.

Continuing Education Classes from GreenLight Inspections can help fulfill the elective requirements with relevant and helpful classes that ensure you stay current within the real estate industry.

Classes are taught in person in a convenient location such as your brokerage office, a title company, or a meeting space.

Current TREC Continuing Education Courses

  1. REI 7-6 and Inspection Standards Update for Agents #41960 – 1 hour.  This course covers the August 2021 TREC adopted updates to the Inspection Standards of Practice.