Sample Inspection Report

The Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) promulgates (distributes) the REI 7-5 report format which is for 1 to 4 family residential homes that are substantially complete.  All home inspectors in Texas are required to use the same report format.  There are some exceptions, such as bank or government inspections.  One such example would be the Texas Department of Insurance (TDI)  Voluntary Inspection Program, which has it’s own form from the TDI.

I do encourage clients to download and look at a sample report to see how a home inspector writes their report.  If a company has multiple inspectors, you would be wise to ask for a sample from the inspector who will be doing the inspection for you.

My recommendation is not to focus so much on what was marked as a deficiency, as this is mandated by the TREC Standards of Practice (SOP).  The SOP is a set of rules under the Texas Administrative Code that determine what is required to be inspected.  Inspectors can inspect more than what’s required, but not less.

I recommend looking at how things are explained, and making sure you understand the report.  It doesn’t matter what the qualifications of the inspector are if you don’t understand his or her report.  Here are some questions you should ask as you look through a sample report:

  • Where are the photos?  At the end or next to each comment?  It’s often helpful to have everything in one place.
  • Does the inspector diagnose mold in the report?  Does he have the license for that?  A special license is required to state that a substance is mold, fungus or mildew.  Without a laboratory test it’s impossible to say which one it is.  Most inspectors do not have this license.  If they do, it will be printed on the report.
  • Does the inspector make comments about Termites or Wood Destroying Insects such as ants and beetles?  If so, the inspector should hold the appropriate license from the Texas Department of Agriculture Structural Pest Control Service.
  • Do the photos and comments go together?  If the comment is about a water heater is the photo of a water heater or something else like a furnace?